Friday, April 6, 2007

My Master Plan

Anyone that knows me also knows that I desperately want to go to college at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Everything about the school looks amazing. Throughout the admissions website I found references to MIT's goal of making the world a better place, which I adamantly support. I could rant (and I probably will sometime) about all the reasons I want to go there, but I'll refrain from doing so right now.

The only problem with this is how I'm going to manage to get accepted. Because MIT kicks so much rear end, it also happens to be one of the most selective schools in America. My grades, test scores, and extracurricular participation are all very good, but I'm not sure if they're good enough for MIT.

This is where my recently devised master plan takes effect. I've decided to do a video application (in addition to all the paperwork and whatnot) that not only shows the admissions board what I do on a daily basis and gives them an idea of my personality, but also gives the board a break from reading and writing all over applications. I'm sure most people agree that watching my submission would be better, or at least more enjoyable, than reading it. Hopefully, this can make my application stand out from the rest.
So here's a general outline of what the video needs to include:
  • "A Day in the Life of Ben"
    • Go through all my classes
    • Show what goes down in my clubs
    • Interview friends/teachers/counselors
    • Work/Job
  • My accomplishments
    • Robot
    • Club DiRT
    • Medals (Forensics, USAD, etc)
  • Businesses
    • Computer Assembly
    • Web Design
  • My Philosophy
    • My Hero: Dad
      • Candid videos of his awesomeness
      • Pictures of his accomplishments
    • Make the world a better place!
    • Have a positive effect on everyone you meet
    • Leave things better than you found them
    • Collaboration leads to enlightenment
    • about MIT:
      • on MIT's support of Open Source
        • I've supported this throughout my community
        • I've educated others on the Open Source benefits
        • I've become well-versed in using Linux, etc.
      • Most of the education comes from the students
        • That's exciting!
      • Everyone there is amazing
      • Workload is a GOOD thing
        • Work Ethic
      • Problem Sets, All-Nighters, etc.
        • I want to do these things
        • I want to work hard
        • I want to be great
  • My Goals
    • I will change the world
    • I will help the world
    • MIT helps me realize these goals
      • Not only the education; the people/students there
  • Conclude
    • I'm in love with the "Make The World" better ideology
    • I'm more than willing to do the work there. In fact, I WANT to.
    • I will make the world better.
      • MIT may have to add one to their count of Nobel alums :)
This outline will be updated as I brainstorm more.


Unknown said...

Hi, while you think about how to get in, you might want to hang out with some people who're working on it too :D ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm applying to MIT next year, too. Oddly enough, I was actually considering doing the movie thing you suggested, but I think I'm just going to do a supplemental essay instead about all the reasons MIT fits me (and I fit it) perfectly. Good luck! I'll see you on the blogs.

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